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by David DiNatale, CEO

Will you SURVIVE and THRIVE in this tough economy…or will you become another failed statistic?

Why do 50% of all small businesses fail in the first 5 years? You can blame it on a lack of capital, a lack of experience running a business, or even lesser reasons such as location, inventory management, poor systems, poor hiring, training and managing employees. But what I have seen and witnessed is usually 2 things:


  1. Business owners fail to anticipate the trends in their industry and fail to react timely and proactively to them.
  2. Business owners do not track all their marketing dollars and fail to automate their marketing so they can dominate their competition and have a system for consistent client acquisition and growth!


Most business owners don’t even realize what business they are really in! If you ask them they will say their product or service like, “roofing”, “chiropractics”, “dentistry”, “plumbing”, etc. But your real business, the business behind the business is client acquisition and retention! If you don’t have an automated system for getting new clients and then keeping them…you are destined to “just barely getting by” or even “doomed to extinction”!


So how are you and your business really doing? Answer these 5 questions:

  1. How well have you really anticipated the current trend of the majority of your potential clients looking for you and your product and services online?
  2. Do you have a system for tracking all leads in your company? Do you know how many you are getting each week? Where they are coming from? What marketing source? What their value is to your business? These are questions you must have the answers to!
  3. Are your potential clients finding you online? Are you on the 1st page of the search engines? Does your website have a strong call to action and an irresistible offer? Do you have a client newsletter? Do you offer weekly specials? Do you send emails and text messages to your existing clients?
  4. Are you using social media to engage potential clients and existing clients? Do you have a blog and post to it regularly? Are you building a fan base on Facebook? Twitter? When is the last time you released a press release or wrote any articles about your business?
  5. How many client reviews do you have? What are your clients saying about you? Do you have an incentive program for client reviews? What is your business reputation online?

How did you do? If you are using all of these marketing tools correctly and have an automated system for making all of these tasks happen each and every week like clock work…Congratulations! You are in the top 5% and are getting a steady and consistent flow of new clients from your online marketing efforts!


If you were answering “NO” to most of these questions you have two choices:

  1. Realize you have fallen way behind and you need to take action today! You have not anticipated and acted proactively with the trends online and how they are now negatively affecting your business! By not having an automated Online Marketing Platform™, it is costing you $1,000’s of dollars each and every month in lost business! Your competitors are taking business that should be going to you! You are letting your competitors “pick pocket you online”!
  2. You can continue with your ostrich strategy of keeping your head buried from reality! You probably have no clue how much money you are losing to your competitors every month! Plus, when that day comes to retire, and you want to sell your business…your business will be worth only a fraction of what your Online business competitors will be worth! It’s time for a wake up call!


I strongly suggest you call us immediately at (800) 335-2530 and find out if our Online Marketing Platform™ is still available in your area! We only work with one business in your industry in your area! We do everything for you described in this article and much, much more every month…automatically! This could be your last real chance to catch up! Plus, you won’t believe how affordable it is…you can hire our entire team of Online marketing experts for just $9.83 a day! That’s probably less than what you pay your receptionist for just one HOUR of her time! But, because we only work with one business in your industry in your geo-targeted marketing area, don’t wait until it is too late!

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